The Easy Hand Milker

The Easy Hand Milker is a new design in the milking field with components that haven’t been combined before.

The unit is very compact and lightweight and can easily be transported and operated by a young person. The reduction in overall size is achieved by combining the vacuum container with the liquid containing vessel. We’ve been using it mainly for milking cows, but we have also tested it on goats. It makes the job so easy that my son is usually texting on his cell phone while he is milking. The end result is milk that is significantly cleaner than hand milking, as the milk goes from the animal directly into a sealed jar.

Easy to carry

Milking a cow

Milking a goat

Assembly of the unit is required. Jars are not provided. You will need to acquire 2 one gallon sized glass jars with sound lids.

Used jars are good as long as there are no chips around the mouth of the jar and the lids are like new. If you can’t find any jars locally here are a few online resources:, Container and Packaging .com (any of the plastic lids from this link are preferred) and Specialty

A few basic hand tools are also required for the assembling of the Easy Hand Milker.  The pump and hardware are not sold separately, the stand is a critical part of the function of the whole unit.

The milker is shipped within Canada and the Continental U.S.A.

Easy Hand Milker kit – plus stand (assembly required)
$398 Cdn, plus $60 shipping.
NOTE: For shipping purposes, when ordering, we need a physical address (house number and street), not a post office box number, and your telephone number. We use FedEx for shipping and they require a phone number in case they cannot locate your address.

The Easy Hand Milker is temporarily unavailable due to parts shortage. The Buy-Now Button will be back up once our parts supply order has been filled. Thank you for your patience in this matter.