The Easy Hand Milker, a non-electric, hand powered milking machine.

The Easy Hand Milker was designed mainly with three groups of individuals in mind or any combination of.
•the small producer
•the eco friendly producer
•those that do not have electricity readily available for the use of electric milking machines

Being a small eco friendly producer I was looking for a milking machine that would fit our family farm operation but was unable to find any kind of milking machine that would work for us.

I wanted a lightweight and portable unit which just wasn’t available. All the single electric units were, in my opinion, monsters in size and just not practical for what I wanted. Using a hand squeezed small pump with a quart jar would not be sufficient for our needs either.

Facing this situation I did what I felt any farmer would do, I made an easy hand milking machine from components that were readily available to me; a lightweight, easy to carry and non-electric hand powered milker. And its been used everyday for morning and evening milking on our farm since it was completed.

A patent has been filed for it and we have gone through a year of testing, now I want to make it available for anyone that is looking for a hand powered milking machine that will reduce the effort in milking and significantly reduce the time it takes to milk your animal.

For anyone who hand milks, has a fidgety animal, a heavy producer or any other animal that makes hand milking difficult, the Easy Hand Milker will be a benefit to you.

The Easy Hand Milker can be used on cows, multiple goats, sheep or any other milk producing mammal.

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